Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rylie Update


Posted 22 minutes ago

Well we are happy to report that Rylie has had a much better day. Her fever is coming down and her heart rate is normal. She is still on o2 but it has been lowered to 1.5 liters. An x ray was done again this morning and it indicated that part of her lung collapsed so part of her cast was cut off to provide relief to her chest area and allow some PT to be done. The cast went from her breast area right down to her feet. There was a small whole in her cast around her belly so that was just enlarged. Ry was also given a blood transfusion and it seemed to provide some relief. With her cardiac history the doctors didn't want her heart working so hard and by having the tranfusion this helped.
The staff here has and continues to be amazing. My parents and sister Tricia came down to visit today which was nice because it allowed Jim and I to get some rest. None of us slept last night and we were all feeling pretty exhausted.
The plan is for Rylie to remain in ICU and see how the night goes. She has been sleeping for the past few hours and doesn't seem nearly as agitated as last night. I always knew Ry was fiesty but she gave a whole new meaning to that word last night!
Thanks for checking in.

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