Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pray pray pray...PLEASE!?

I will just copy and paste my bestest friends recent MS update e-mail.

hello everyone!

it is totally impossible (sorry) for me to call all of you individually with updates on my MS "stuff". i am not trying to be impersonal, but i want to get everyone the info without running out of breath. and since you all support and love, love, love me.... it is only fair :-).

i will begin my monthly chemo on september 5th, in combination with steroid treatments. this is referred to as a "pulse therapy". i am curious how many iv's will be in my arm at once- chemo, steroids, fluids, anti-nausea med.... i am taking bets :-). i see lots of needles in my future- yuck. bloodwork before treatment, the treatment itself, bloodwork 10-12 days after...... u all know how i feel about needles. EEK!

i will meet with the oncologist before every treatment and meet with my neurologist every 2 weeks. i am super optimistic that this will help "buy some time" with the progression of the disease, which has been kicking me pretty hard.

my white blood cell count will be lowest 10-12 days after my treatments, so PLEASE do not visit/make plans if you are sick!!!!! also- if i DO happen to experience hair loss (or scalp alopecia, which is the nicer way to say it)..... feel free to shave your head!!!! jayson is my lead man, as he was the first to offer- thanks jay!

i ask only ONE THING from everyone, regardless of your religious beliefs or non-beliefs...... i have been told that prayer circles are amazingly effective and i would like to start one for myself :-). please pray that this treatment will slow down the progression of my disease. ask the people in your lives to do the same. the bigger the circle, the bigger the chance of success. thanks in advance :-)

get that prayer circle started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love ya,becca

I call her Becki though!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

A late night thought

I am laying here looking for information on things to do while we are in California over Thanksgiving week. I decided to look up Down syndrome in the San Diego area and came across a website that you can look up and add different meet ups. It was then that I felt something familiar in my heart.

It was only about 18 months ago that I sat in the office of a reproductive specialist surrounded by something odd. I have to start by saying that the mood inside one of these offices is usually grim. We all know what we are doing there but in most cases you don't even glance at anyone in the room. I don't understand that, shouldn't we talk to eachother and reach out to offer or seek support? Anyway, this day was different because there in the waiting room were people from the local support groups. They brought snacks and drinks, it was lovely. I talked to one of the people "running" it. She came up to anyone just entering, she offered her support and gave information on the group and other helpful information. I explained that I had already had one IVF miracle and she said that I really should go to a meeting because I am a success story and probably a good resource. I found myself wanting to stay there in the waiting room to talk to people or even just the one lady I had already engaged in converation with, this was something that just did NOT happen here, like I said this is a grim place where nobody looks at eachother.

Wow, I've been here before. As days go on with Vinnie in my life I find that more and more of my earlier life experiences intertwine with the one going on right now. Did I tell you that our Pastor went to college with my uncle and was renting a room from Vinnie's physical therapist? And my uncle's wife is a speech therapist, my sister a great source for education advocation, the town we moved to because of some "bad" neighbors has one of the BEST early intervention programs in which the nurse, who just happened to start the month before Vinnie was born, is a friend of the family. I've fought for acceptance before (refer to my post "I've been writing this for a while..."), I've seeked and offered support. It's all familiar territory in an odd way. But, as I have been saying (mostly in my e-mail signature) It's funny how that one little chromosome changed EVERYTHING

Cardiologist Appointment

Not for Vinnie though. Since Rudy had Kawasaki's Disease last year he needs to go back to the cardiologist for a follow-up. November 22nd is the date. Kawasaki's disease is a strange thing since nobody knows how you get it or what it is. It doesn't seem to be something you can catch and the treatment isn't neccesarily for the disease but the affects of it. Rudy had a terrible fever followed by very red hands & feet and then the rash went to basically all over his body. I thought for sure hoof and mouth and since the biggest fair in New England was going on at the same time and we went to the petting zoo it made sense. But nope nothing has ever been simple with Rudy!! So he had IVIG treatments and a high dose asprin therapy. One of the arteries (? I think that's what it was) near his heart was a little enlarged but it went down with the aprin therapy and the follow up is just ot make sure it is still small. I think that about covers it, I probably fubarred a lot of this but you get the picture. Vinnie was cleared from seeing the cardiologist months ago. No heart problems for son with DS has the least health problems!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Bloggings of an insomniac

There has been much controversy over a movie that recently came out in theaters. This film has poked fun at numerous things but the people it pokes fun at most are those with intellectual disabilities. I haven’t seen the film, nor do I want to. I have however heard very honest reviews from people who have seen the film. These people have children with intellectual disabilities or infants that no doubt will end up on the mild-moderate mental retardation end of an IQ chart. My youngest son, Vinnie, will no doubt be there too. You see, he has Down syndrome.

From what I understand of the movie, it’s not just the word “retard” that is offensive. It’s the whole manner in which this word is used and along with other aspects of the movie it makes for some really great immature jokes. This movie is geared towards young men 15-25, the ripe age for dick and fart jokes, the ripe age of impressionable minds. We all know what happens on in the hallways of American schools or on the playgrounds. I can see it now; the voices of the most popular, the prettiest, the funniest children “Dude you just went full retard”. And what now am I suppose to say to my children, to my cousins, to my nieces and nephews who will undoubtedly hear these words and wonder what it all means? Words hurt, we all know this.

There are people who will argue saying “it’s only a movie, lighten up” or “get a sense of humor”. I’ve already heard it. I agree that it is a movie, it’s a movie that went that extra step, went over the line. But I don’t think that the movie is the big picture here, it’s because of this movie that we, the parents of children with intellectual disabilities and the self advocates, have this opportunity to educate. And with our educating we have only proven how this movie has already hurt us. You can look up just about any argument about this movie and see the responses of people who support this movie, most of them open and honest saying it’s just a movie (we get that part) but then look deeper, find the posts that say “it’s always fun to make fun of retards” “retarded people have less rights than a farm animal”. These are quotes, real quotes! The t-shirts are already out “Never go full retard” “Once upon a time there was a retard” and they will be worn and they will be laughed at. People have already stated that they WILL buy the shirt and wear it everywhere because “it’s a free country”. But I dare those same people to wear a shirt that simply says “nigger” and see how funny that is. Why is it that people who, for the most part, can not or will not defend themselves are the ones being humiliated? Easy targets I guess.

Well, I don’t want to fight. I want to be ignorant about using the word “retard” just as I was before Vinnie came into my life. I didn’t ask for this, I didn’t raise my hand and say “over here, I’m ready for that task”. I wanted a “typical” baby just like every other mother wants. But here he is, a beautiful baby boy. He is perfect in everyway. He has an older brother who adores him. He has won over many hearts in his first 6 months. So here I am raising my hand saying “hey, look at me, here I am embracing this”. Here I am wanting what every parent wants for their children, here I am fighting to make sure he’s safe, here I am trying to educate so my beautiful baby boy will be accepted and not humiliated or ridiculed. Here I am, the voice in the back of your mind that just won’t go away. Here I am once again voicing my “opinion”, I’m not going anywhere.

Sign Language

Vinnie is purposfully (spelled correctly) putting his hand to his face. I of course think he is trying to sign mommy! Is it wishful thinking? I haven't a clue when babies could possibly start signing but I think it's cool!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Rudy's Potty Time and Vinnie's ears

Rudy is using the potty like a big boy and has been for over a month now. We still use a diaper or pull up at night but he always wakes up dry and then goes to his potty!! Woo hoo! Today was his first day back (we have been sick, again) to playgroup and he didn't have an accident there either. I was afraid he might since I was not there for him to say "I need to go". We are so proud.

We went again to the audiologist and Vinnie's ears seem ok, no more fluid so that was nice. It's hard to test his little ears because his canals are teeny tiny so in November we will go again. But all seems good!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

I had to put the spaces in so I am sure I goofed somewhere...

From today's email from the director of the DSALA, Gail Williamson: Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles

Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles Media Alert Tropic Thunder August 8, 2008

What about "Tropic Thunder?"

Dear DSALA Family and Friends:

I want to update you on the past and current status of the progress with the Dreamworks film "Tropic Thunder." Some of this may be redundant if you are fully in the loop reading the posts on the internet. This is also very long, but it should answer your questions as best I can and allow you to take your own action in response.

On Monday, July 28th I was made aware of an article in the Hollywood Reporter about "Tropic Thunder" a new film by and staring Ben Stiller due for release on August 13th. The article commented that the film included satire about people with intellectual disabilities. I was contacted by other individuals and organizations because of our past involvement together in media advocacy for individuals with DS and other intellectual disabilities. After a couple of days of research and many emails I was led to the website for the film with-in the film "Simple Jack" and my fears were confirmed.

On Thursday, July 31st I called Dreamworks to discuss the use of the "R" word and the inclusion of the character of "Simple Jack." As a result of that dialogue with the head of publicity I was invited to share my concerns in a meeting with DreamWorks Executives. I got back to my contacts from several national organizations representing people with disabilities and together we collaborated on what to present at the meeting. In response to my emails Tim Shriver of Special Olympics began discussions with Dreamworks as well. He joined us in our new coalition. Tim and I continued to make arrangements with DreamWorks.

On Wednesday, August 6th, as reported in the media, this newly formed coalition attended the meeting at DreamWorks. We were limited by DreamWorks on the number of groups attending, but assured that if following the meeting and our report back to our constituents that individual meetings could convene with individual organizations if they requested. My personal thanks to several of the organizations who graciously bowed out, (including NDSS and NDSC) not attended the meeting, so it could take place as planned. From the community representing people with disabilities the meeting included:
Peter Berns: The Arc of the United States (present)
Tim Shriver: Special Olympics International (by phone)
Andy Imparato: American Association of People with Disabilities (present)
Gail Williamson: Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles (present)
Richard Rosenberg: TASH (present)
Sarah Pripas: Autism Self Advocacy Network (present)
Joe Meadours: People First of California (present)
Loretta Claiborne: Special Olympics (by phone)
Julie Petty: Self Advocates Becoming Empowered (by phone)
Eddy Barbenell: Actor, Special Olympics (by phone)

The DreamWorks and Paramount Executives in the room included:
Stacey Snider, Co-Chairman/CEO, DreamWorks
Jeff Small, COO, DreamWorks
Christine Birch, Marketing DreamWorks
Megan Colligan, Marketing Paramount/Vantage
Chip Sullivan, Head of Publicity DreamWorks
Josh Galper, Attorney brought on by DreamWorks

The meeting started out with comments from Self Advocates in the room and on the phone. They were eloquent. They spoke of their hard work for the dignity and self esteem that others take for granted. They also expressed that the "R" word is a "hate" word and the inclusion of it in the film would case them more isolation, marginalization and discrimination. Following that introduction we commented on why we were before them and although we understand that the film was not intended to make fun of individuals with intellectual disabilities, that in its attempt to make fun of actors and Hollywood it was creating insensitivity toward individuals with intellectual disabilities. We requested to be given the opportunity to screen the film in order to continue with our discussion and were told that we could on Friday, August 8th and Stacey agreed to a phone conference with us again after viewing.

We then presented some actions we would like to see from DreamWorks in order to counteract the damage the film would do to those we represent. The coalition demands included:

Film Screening: Arrange a film screening of "Tropic Thunder" for disability groups, paid for by the studio, in Los Angeles and in Washington, D.C. before the end of this week.

Public Apology: Make a public apology for the thoughtless use of the "R-word" and derogatory depictions of people with intellectual disability with a summary statement of the studio's intent to curtail its damaging effect and its commitment to specific next steps (as laid out below).

Film Editing: Completely eliminate all direct mention of or reference to "the r-word" jokes, disability euphemisms, and disrespectful depictions from the film before it is distributed to theatres and released to DVD. Film Promotion:

Eliminate all trailers, web postings, and ads that focus on "the r-word" jokes, disability euphemisms, and disrespectful depictions, and reference the "R word."

Specially Created Trailer: Fund and produce a trailer to air prior to each showing of "Tropic Thunder" that addresses the use of the R-word and the hurtful impact it has, even when people do not mean it that way. This same trailer would also be included within the DVD packaging for after market sales.

National Campaign: Create and fund a comprehensive national educational and advertising social campaign to eliminate the pejorative use of the word the r-word from use in everyday language, and more importantly create a world of dignity, acceptance and inclusion for people with intellectual disability. The campaign would be developed and vetted by an advisory council of representatives from the coalition. The campaign would also be designed to capitalize on social media and social networking to bring young people together and empower them as agents of change for the R-word campaign and involve appearances of those involved in the film's creation.

Film Studio Summit: Convene the heads of all the major studios to address the appropriate portrayal of people with intellectual in future films and television programs. The summit would also help reduce stigma surrounding one of the largest disability populations in the world while also raising the awareness of the extraordinary gifts and talents people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have to offer.

Stacey Snider did the talking for Dreamworks and seemed to be genuine in her concern over our presentation. She expressed that she wanted this to be the beginning of a discussion that would go on past this film and into the future. She also informed us that the entire film is over the top; that the violent scenes have blood spewing out like a "Saturday Night Live" skit, way beyond realistic. She said there is nothing in the film to make people think they really "mean it" about anything; but she did say that this information was not intended as an excuse. She asked for some time to absorb our requests and did inform us as to what they had already done after we first expressed our concerns.

The following information was provided as follow-up to the meeting by Chip Sullivan of Dreamworks: At the outset, we want to reiterate three points:
(1) We sincerely regret having offended or hurt anyone with disabilities through the promotional material you have seen, and we have a full appreciation for why that material appeared insensitive. That is why we took immediate action, which we detail below, after hearing from you last Thursday.
(2) We view our discussion as the beginning of not just a conversation about this one movie but a longer-term relationship in which we can work together to make our studio even more sensitive about how people with disabilities are portrayed and to increase the numbers of those with disabilities in the film industry work force. Those are goals we share.
(3) To remind, the film is in no way meant to disparage or harm the image of individuals with disabilities. Instead, it takes a satirical look at Hollywood moviemakers and actors and their excesses, and makes its point by featuring inappropriate and over-the top-characters in ridiculous situations. The "R" rating limits those who can attend and how we market the film.

As you requested, here are steps we took to address your concerns even before we met yesterday: · As soon as we heard from you, we responded immediately to engage in a dialogue and schedule our first meeting. · We took down online material focusing on "Simple Jack," including an entire website devoted to the fake movie and images in a cross-promotional website at www.Tugg · We decided not to market the movie using "Simple Jack" images or references in television, radio, or print advertising. · We excised images and references to "Simple Jack" in two promotional television programs slated to air on E! and Comedy Central about the making of "Tropic Thunder" that had already gone out the door. As promised, we will make the movie available to be screened by each of you on Friday, August 8 or Monday, August 11. (We were told in the meeting that it would be on Friday, this Monday date is new to me.)

Once again, we thank all of you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us, and we see great potential for us to work together to improve the film industry's creative and work environment for people with disabilities in the future. END OF DREAMWORKS STATEMENT

Now, some of my thoughts on all this. My concerns focus on what the message from character "Simple Jack" will take to a segment of the community. Yes it is an R rated film. But everyone over the age of 17 is not responsible, understanding and inclusive of individuals with intellectual disabilities and we know that children under the age of 17 view R rated films.

As for being "equal opportunity offenders;" something the first rep from DreamWorks told me when he took my message for Chip. I requested a count of all the references to the word "the r-word" and its derogatory euphuisms in the film. Along with the same for the "N" word and "Faggot" since Chip informed me that they make fun of these groups as well, and these are the names equal to "the r-word" in the community I represent. Chip told me that was a reasonable request although he did not follow through on it. No matter what those numbers might have come out to be, being equal is still not the luxury of people with intellectual disabilities on any other playing field to begin with. I am sure there are many employees at DreamWorks who are Black or Gay, how many employees are there with intellectual disabilities? There are individuals with intellectual disabilities who have skills and would like to be employed by DreamWorks. There are supported work programs that would be happy to work with DreamWorks to bring in employees who have been proven to be some of the best. Check out the mail room at ABC/Disney, talk to SAG about the "Workabilty" program, and check out the students at "Inclusion Films" in Burbank who are training to work in the film making business. This would be closer to equal, if people with intellectual disabilities were employed at DreamWorks.

I am concerned about people with Down syndrome even though they are not identified in the movie. The face of DS is the face of intellectual disability to the general public. I work with productions that assist in casting people with DS when they want their viewing public to know that the character has an intellectual disability. People with DS are easy targets everyday while just minding their own business because their face announces their disability. I can imagine my own son being called "Simple Jack" or "Full the r-word" by someone "vulgar" as my son Blair who has DS refers to people who use this language.

I believe one of my greatest sorrows over the impact this film might make is in regards to the pre-diagnosis of DS being given to expectant parents. With the recent "American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology" guidelines in 2007 calling for every expectant mother be offered a screening for genetic differences including DS, I have the opportunity to talk with parents who are trying to make a decision to choose to continue their pregnancy or not. Many who consider terminating their pregnancies do so because of the fear of how society will treat their child and their family. We are at a reported 90% termination rate in Los Angeles as it is. I know without a doubt that "Tropic Thunder" will contribute to the verbal abuse expressed toward individuals with intellectual disabilities and I know that there will be pregnancies that will be terminated because of the outcome from these images. I am deeply saddened this film will rob people of the joy I have found in my life being the mother of Blair and the Executive Director of the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles.


The film will premiere on Monday, August 11th in LA; the information I have is as follows: Monday, August 11th, 2008 Press Check-in begins at: 5:00PM Arrivals begin at 6:00PM Screening begins promptly at 7:30PM
MANN VILLAGE THEATRE 961 Broxton AveWestwood, CA 90024 WHO: Cast members and filmmakers attending include: Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr., Bill Hader, Danny McBride, Steve Coogan, Nick Nolte, Jay Baruchel, Brandon T Jackson, Matthew McConaughey, Justin Theroux (Co-Writer and Producer), Etan Cohen (Writer), Stuart Cornfeld (Producer), Eric McLeod (Producer) Other celebrities attending include: Jamie Foxx, Tobey McGuire,Randy Jackson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, JJ Abrams, Jon Voigt, JasonBateman, William Shatner, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Terri Hatcher, Lisa Kudrow, Jerry Stiller, Alicia Silverstone, Chris Hemsworth,Zachary Quinto, Jay Roach, John Hamburg, Wilmer Valderrama, BradSilberling, Amy Breneman, Nigel Lythgoe, Christine Taylor

Also if you would like to reach anyone of the people at DreamWorks, Paramount/Vantage or Ben Stiller with your concerns, their names are above and below are the main contacts for them.

DreamWorks 100 Universal City Plaza, Bldg. 5121, Universal City, CA 91608 818-733-7000

Paramount/Vantage 5555 Melrose Ave., Ball/Lasky Bldgs., Los Angeles, CA 90038 323-956-2000

Ben Stiller, Writer/Director/Producer Read Hour Films, 629 N. La Brea, Los Angeles, CA 90036 323-602-5000

As I am ready to send this email at 11:45 AM on Friday, August 8th we have not recieved any information from DreamWorks on a screening. I called Chip Sullivan's office this morning and was told he was in a meeting. I have yet to hear from him to notify the groups who were represented in the meeting about a screening that we were originally promisied today. I would encourage you to let your voice heard!

In support of our loved ones!

Gail Williamson Executive Director Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles.

Hate and making a change

Since I am so out of reality on to what movies are coming and going I never got to see the Tropic Thunder preview or was it the trailer? Whatever, that's not the point anyway. I only heard of this movie because of posts on the Down syndrome support forum. I must say that I have since seen commercials for it, that do not use the dreaded "R-word", and I would've been excited to see a silly movie with a couple of my favorite actors. But apparently this movie has stirred up an entire network of people with phrases like "Never go full r-word" and "Once upon a time there was a r-word".

What to do? I'm not quite sure, I for one will not be viewing this movie. I admit that before Vinnie was born I probably would've looked for it when it came out on DVD, I didn't know the impact it could have and I think many others are just as ignorant. If it's not thrown in your face that something is wrong and why it is wrong and the impact it could have how would you know? Yes, I have thrown the r-word around. Yes, I used this word when a friend was doing something not so brilliant. I even said it once after Vinnie was born when Jayson and I were driving and someone pulled out in front of him, my exact words "ugh, i hate r-word people". I think this is when I truly realized the impact, I had just said I hated my son!

So, Joanne, why are you now saying this is wrong? Why are you being a hypocrite? No one ever pointed me to the websites, blogs, support groups that explained what people felt. No one said "hey when you say the r-word it's like throwing around racial slurs". But what hurt can a movie do? Think of all the teens just waiting to see this movie, look at the lines of impressionable people waiting. How many are going to come out of this movie and use the r-word in a manner that is hurtful to people? I can see it now because I was there, I was one of those people. I can't take back what I have done but I can change who I become and so can you.

There are so many people out there that have a view on this movie and the damages it holds and my little opinion is not a well written one, just a sum of feelings. If you feel you need more information or more "proof" please visit Mostly August 6th and 7th post but his entire blog if AMAZING. He refferences and (new and commentary on disability issues). Check them out and decide for yourself.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Amen Sista...RE: Tropic Thunder

From McKenna's Blog

Never Go Full Retard? Are you kidding?

This is definitely not the first time I've been disappointed in Hollywood, but I think this may be the first time I am actually HURT by Hollywood. Ben Stiller's new film, Tropic Thunder has crossed the line. Dreamworks Production has agreed to meet with many representatives from disability rights organizations at 5pm Pacific today. To be honest, I don't know what can come from this meeting other than prevention of further damage. I will be very surprised if the scene is not pulled, but the hurt has already been caused. Sticks and stones may break my bones, and WORDS HURT Mr. Ben Stiller, Mr. Robert Downey Jr, and Hollywood!! My daughter has an intellectual disability and is not able to defend herself because of her age and her cognitive ability. How dare you use her medical diagnosis of mental retardation as an opportunity to put more money in your pockets. Shame on YOU!

The term "mental retardation" is being replaced with intellectual disability because of this misuse. This isn't the first time this has happened. You know those words, "idiot" and "moron." Those once used to belong to people like my little girl as medical diagnosis and we all know what happened to those words. How wrong is it that my daughter needs a new "term" because of the abuse of her medical diagnosis by people of average intelligence? How long until people start taking the new terminology and abusing it as well?

I have an idea....let's just abort every child with a disability before they're born and we won't have this problem! Let's just wipe our world clean of people with Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, etc... and while we're at it, go ahead and take me out of that world, too, because I'm 5'10" tall and that's just not "average!" Everyone with large noses can have their lives spared as long as they get plastic surgery.

My daughter has to fight against this ridiculous ideology that she is "not normal" and "different" and "lucky she wasn't aborted" every day for the rest of her life and I'm going to do everything I can so she doesn't have to fight against the mockery and "harmless jokes" as well!

Race discrimination is off limits (as it should be!) but discrimination against individuals with intellectual disabilities has a green light. ENOUGH! I have usually excused comments that I hear everyday: "I'm so retarded," "what a retard," because I know in my heart they are not intentionally or purposefully directed at someone with an intellectual disability. Well, enough! Intentional or not, stop it! Use it properly or don't use it at all!

Leave my child, my friend's children, and the many individuals in our world who work harder than any of you alone! ENOUGH!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Newest updates

Today Vinnie is 6 months old. I can't believe how big he is getting. He is still off the charts for Down syndrome. His little feet now reach past the end of his car seat, when I carry him in it I have to be more careful as to what I might bump into. I have to bring him to get his thyroid levels tested so say a little prayer that everything checks out. On Monday we go back to the audiologist for his ears and of course we are all sick and congested again, never win!

Rudy is singing me a song about going on his big boy potty. He has Vinnie's little 4 key piano, VERY CUTE! So, YES he is potty trained! Woo hoo. We still stick a diaper or pull up on him at night because I really don't want to deal with sheets and bedding right now, he still lets us know he has to go even with the diaper on so it's all good!

Since I have been sick my voice is slowing fading, it's very sexy! I called a bunch of my friends just so they could laugh at me and I could laugh at me too because darnit, it's funny!

Jayson finally got 2 walls framed for his garage, should be about another 6 months until he can get his buddy here for the 2 hours it will take to do the other 2! I am (hopefully) kidding. The garage is going to be GINORMOUS! I think it's taller than our house and the square footage might be larger too.

That's all.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"No offense intended"

If you end a comment with "No offense intended" you probably should not have said the comment in the first place. "No offense intended" does not excuse your words or actions, it doesn't make it "ok" it just makes you sound like even more of an arse. It's like saying "I know this is going to piss you off to no end and hurt your feelings but I just don't care so here it goes". Blah grow up offense.