Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Newest updates

Today Vinnie is 6 months old. I can't believe how big he is getting. He is still off the charts for Down syndrome. His little feet now reach past the end of his car seat, when I carry him in it I have to be more careful as to what I might bump into. I have to bring him to get his thyroid levels tested so say a little prayer that everything checks out. On Monday we go back to the audiologist for his ears and of course we are all sick and congested again, never win!

Rudy is singing me a song about going on his big boy potty. He has Vinnie's little 4 key piano, VERY CUTE! So, YES he is potty trained! Woo hoo. We still stick a diaper or pull up on him at night because I really don't want to deal with sheets and bedding right now, he still lets us know he has to go even with the diaper on so it's all good!

Since I have been sick my voice is slowing fading, it's very sexy! I called a bunch of my friends just so they could laugh at me and I could laugh at me too because darnit, it's funny!

Jayson finally got 2 walls framed for his garage, should be about another 6 months until he can get his buddy here for the 2 hours it will take to do the other 2! I am (hopefully) kidding. The garage is going to be GINORMOUS! I think it's taller than our house and the square footage might be larger too.

That's all.

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