Monday, August 25, 2008

A late night thought

I am laying here looking for information on things to do while we are in California over Thanksgiving week. I decided to look up Down syndrome in the San Diego area and came across a website that you can look up and add different meet ups. It was then that I felt something familiar in my heart.

It was only about 18 months ago that I sat in the office of a reproductive specialist surrounded by something odd. I have to start by saying that the mood inside one of these offices is usually grim. We all know what we are doing there but in most cases you don't even glance at anyone in the room. I don't understand that, shouldn't we talk to eachother and reach out to offer or seek support? Anyway, this day was different because there in the waiting room were people from the local support groups. They brought snacks and drinks, it was lovely. I talked to one of the people "running" it. She came up to anyone just entering, she offered her support and gave information on the group and other helpful information. I explained that I had already had one IVF miracle and she said that I really should go to a meeting because I am a success story and probably a good resource. I found myself wanting to stay there in the waiting room to talk to people or even just the one lady I had already engaged in converation with, this was something that just did NOT happen here, like I said this is a grim place where nobody looks at eachother.

Wow, I've been here before. As days go on with Vinnie in my life I find that more and more of my earlier life experiences intertwine with the one going on right now. Did I tell you that our Pastor went to college with my uncle and was renting a room from Vinnie's physical therapist? And my uncle's wife is a speech therapist, my sister a great source for education advocation, the town we moved to because of some "bad" neighbors has one of the BEST early intervention programs in which the nurse, who just happened to start the month before Vinnie was born, is a friend of the family. I've fought for acceptance before (refer to my post "I've been writing this for a while..."), I've seeked and offered support. It's all familiar territory in an odd way. But, as I have been saying (mostly in my e-mail signature) It's funny how that one little chromosome changed EVERYTHING

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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Things to do in CA: Eat at In-N-Out. The rest is just small stuff :).