Monday, August 25, 2008

Cardiologist Appointment

Not for Vinnie though. Since Rudy had Kawasaki's Disease last year he needs to go back to the cardiologist for a follow-up. November 22nd is the date. Kawasaki's disease is a strange thing since nobody knows how you get it or what it is. It doesn't seem to be something you can catch and the treatment isn't neccesarily for the disease but the affects of it. Rudy had a terrible fever followed by very red hands & feet and then the rash went to basically all over his body. I thought for sure hoof and mouth and since the biggest fair in New England was going on at the same time and we went to the petting zoo it made sense. But nope nothing has ever been simple with Rudy!! So he had IVIG treatments and a high dose asprin therapy. One of the arteries (? I think that's what it was) near his heart was a little enlarged but it went down with the aprin therapy and the follow up is just ot make sure it is still small. I think that about covers it, I probably fubarred a lot of this but you get the picture. Vinnie was cleared from seeing the cardiologist months ago. No heart problems for son with DS has the least health problems!

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