Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pray pray pray...PLEASE!?

I will just copy and paste my bestest friends recent MS update e-mail.

hello everyone!

it is totally impossible (sorry) for me to call all of you individually with updates on my MS "stuff". i am not trying to be impersonal, but i want to get everyone the info without running out of breath. and since you all support and love, love, love me.... it is only fair :-).

i will begin my monthly chemo on september 5th, in combination with steroid treatments. this is referred to as a "pulse therapy". i am curious how many iv's will be in my arm at once- chemo, steroids, fluids, anti-nausea med.... i am taking bets :-). i see lots of needles in my future- yuck. bloodwork before treatment, the treatment itself, bloodwork 10-12 days after...... u all know how i feel about needles. EEK!

i will meet with the oncologist before every treatment and meet with my neurologist every 2 weeks. i am super optimistic that this will help "buy some time" with the progression of the disease, which has been kicking me pretty hard.

my white blood cell count will be lowest 10-12 days after my treatments, so PLEASE do not visit/make plans if you are sick!!!!! also- if i DO happen to experience hair loss (or scalp alopecia, which is the nicer way to say it)..... feel free to shave your head!!!! jayson is my lead man, as he was the first to offer- thanks jay!

i ask only ONE THING from everyone, regardless of your religious beliefs or non-beliefs...... i have been told that prayer circles are amazingly effective and i would like to start one for myself :-). please pray that this treatment will slow down the progression of my disease. ask the people in your lives to do the same. the bigger the circle, the bigger the chance of success. thanks in advance :-)

get that prayer circle started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love ya,becca

I call her Becki though!!

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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I'll be praying for Becca, please keep us posted on her!