Friday, August 8, 2008

Hate and making a change

Since I am so out of reality on to what movies are coming and going I never got to see the Tropic Thunder preview or was it the trailer? Whatever, that's not the point anyway. I only heard of this movie because of posts on the Down syndrome support forum. I must say that I have since seen commercials for it, that do not use the dreaded "R-word", and I would've been excited to see a silly movie with a couple of my favorite actors. But apparently this movie has stirred up an entire network of people with phrases like "Never go full r-word" and "Once upon a time there was a r-word".

What to do? I'm not quite sure, I for one will not be viewing this movie. I admit that before Vinnie was born I probably would've looked for it when it came out on DVD, I didn't know the impact it could have and I think many others are just as ignorant. If it's not thrown in your face that something is wrong and why it is wrong and the impact it could have how would you know? Yes, I have thrown the r-word around. Yes, I used this word when a friend was doing something not so brilliant. I even said it once after Vinnie was born when Jayson and I were driving and someone pulled out in front of him, my exact words "ugh, i hate r-word people". I think this is when I truly realized the impact, I had just said I hated my son!

So, Joanne, why are you now saying this is wrong? Why are you being a hypocrite? No one ever pointed me to the websites, blogs, support groups that explained what people felt. No one said "hey when you say the r-word it's like throwing around racial slurs". But what hurt can a movie do? Think of all the teens just waiting to see this movie, look at the lines of impressionable people waiting. How many are going to come out of this movie and use the r-word in a manner that is hurtful to people? I can see it now because I was there, I was one of those people. I can't take back what I have done but I can change who I become and so can you.

There are so many people out there that have a view on this movie and the damages it holds and my little opinion is not a well written one, just a sum of feelings. If you feel you need more information or more "proof" please visit Mostly August 6th and 7th post but his entire blog if AMAZING. He refferences and (new and commentary on disability issues). Check them out and decide for yourself.

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Liz Ditz said...

It is time to take the "r" word out of circulation.

I've written a blog post, Words Hurt: The "r" Word, on Wanda and Rick Felty's campaign to "Ban the R Word", and Jenna Glatzer's pledge campaign, as well as the "Tropic Thunder" controversy. I've included a link to your blog.