Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Doctors and doctors and more doctors...ugh.

This is all Vinnie's stuff, just to be clear.

We went to the eye doctor yesterday. Vinnie has a blocked tear duct that at this point would need to be probed. He will be put under for this. Otherwise his eyes look great. So we set April 1st for his surgery.

After the eye doctor was the genetics appointment. I really don't understand why we see her but I am assuming because she kind of knows what things should be looked at with children with DS. She is amazed at Vinnie, he is doing so well. Oh and amazed at his parents too! She suggests since he snores to go the an ENT to see what he says as far as sleep apnea. If you didn't know Vin has a very small penis, almost an innie. So we mentioned that and she suggested seeing an endocronologist (spelling?) to make sure it's not a hormone problem. Because of his itty bitty pee pee it's hard to pull back on the skin and he will most likely need ot be re-circumsized so we are trying to get appointments for all of these things and will most likely put a hold on the tear duct surgery so if he does need to be re-circumsized they can do it while he is under for his eye. Phew...I think that's all.

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The Tryon Family said...

Wow... lots of stuff going on! Hope everything works out well for your little man. He is such a doll... which leads me to ask... "where are the pics?"