Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rylie update good news

good news

Posted 18 hours ago

Well we have just been informed Ry is being moved out of ICU today. As I mentioned before Rylie will be finishing her recovery on the cardiac floor instead of the orthopedic floor.....just so they can keep an eye on the cardiac piece. Rylie has turned the corner and is showing huge signs of improvement which is such a relief to Jim and I. What were weren't posting before was Rylie wasn't talking. She was trying to but couldn't formulate her words. A consult was done with the neuro team and no one could really pin point what the cause was. In the end they are thinking it was a combination of all the medicine she was on. Thank you to our friends/family who helped educate Jim and I quickly on the questions to ask and what to look for. You guys are the best!
So from here I believe the last hurdle she has is to get off the o2. Everything else it out which is making her much more comfortable. She is eating and talking to us and right now watching Charlie Brown with Auntie Joanie. Her nurse Lisa and I are going to try and wash her hair and clean her up. This should be an adventure!
We will update later.


Karyn said...

Glad things have improved.

Karyn said...

Me again, I also want to let you know that if you are interested, there is an award on my blog waiting for you. Hope Vinnie is doing great!