Thursday, March 19, 2009

Keep the prayers coming for Rylie

Posted 21 minutes ago

Rylie had another long night. Her o2 stats were dropping pretty significantly throught out the night. Another chest x ray was ordered and showed her lungs were wet so she was given lasix which helped release the fluid. Also, her cast was loosened around her chest. The doctors think it was too tight and not allowing her to take deep enough breaths. Dr. Millis her surgeon decribed Rylie's mood best he said she is pissed off and boy is she ever! She doesn't understand what is going on at all. They don't want to give her anything to calm her because it effects her breathing and she runs into trouble. They are managing her pain as best as they can.
She is finally asleep now so hopefully she will rest for a while. Thanks for all the kind words and messages.
We will update later today.

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