Thursday, September 25, 2008


I sat at the table with my mother and my aunt. They were praising me for making sure there was a meal each night since the first of family had arrived on Monday. To me cooking is nothing, it's what I know how to do. Maybe it's how I "deal". We all have a role in the family. So we chatted more and we began to talk about how Tony is the "speaker", we all wish we could read a eulogy. So then I told them about my recent blog entry about the memories of grandpa and how at the end it changes, the most recent stuff I remember is not the fun stuff, it's not pretty. Then my mother said something about how as time goes on you start to put those great memories aside, they get pushed back for a while until they get tapped. A couple nights ago they were tapped, my sister and I sat and talked about all of the fun things grandpa did with us, his quirks, his temper, his love, his selflessness. So now I wonder, if I had to write a eulogy how many people would "get" it? I know Karen and Eugene would laugh and cry and understand every word I wrote. I can only capture a small part of his life. That's all, just random thoughts I guess.

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