Friday, September 12, 2008

Conversations with Rudy

This morning I had the great JOY of having both my boys in bed with me. It was me, then Vinnie and next to Vinnie was Rudy. This is how the conversation went

Rudy: I love him
Me: He loves you
Rudy: Mom
Me: Yeah bud?
Rudy: I really REALLY love him
Me: You're very sweet buddy, don't pull his fingers backwards
Rudy: (while rubbing his head against Vinnie's head) He's me BIG brother
Me: No Rudy, he's your little brother
Rudy: Oh yeah. He's my baby
Vinnie: Bah bah bah pllll
Rudy: I love you mommy

You think Vinnie has a lifetime buddy? I sure hope so!

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