Thursday, July 3, 2008


There's a very special place that I post. It's a place I found right after Vinnie was born. I have a whole family in the cyber world that I have come to trust and love. I've only known them for nearly 5 months but I have seen their children grow, shared sorrow and tears, rejoiced in accomplishments, prayed for heeling and comfort, and congratulated new(er) parents. Of course all of the people at my very special place are parents or close relatives of someone with Down syndrome.

Before I joined this new family a young pregnant lady had joined. She selected the name ScaredMomma. Ok, kinda corny but I get it. She was to have a baby girl born with Ds. The baby came early and stayed in the NICU, we gooshed over pictures of this precious life hanging onto life. The baby came home and we rejoiced with her. The baby went back to the hospital with RSV and ended up they found a mass on her liver, CANCER. She and her boyfriend decide that they will not seek chemo as they don't want to pump her itty bitty body. Wow, ok that's sucky. I shared this post with my sister and we cried because who wants to have to make that decision?

Yesterday I log on to check in on my new family, to read of a little one's operation results and updates and find this...

Many of us have traveled with ScaredMomma as she described the recent premature birth and health issues of her child. We have recently learned that this story is a fiction. As far as we can tell, there is no child named Jaslene. The pictures that ScaredMomma posted on our forum, on the place we rely on to honestly discuss issues with our fellow parents, were stolen from the blog of a new mom. She is naturally shocked and is very upset about this. We have no idea why ScaredMomma made up this story but she has broken a trust that we have with each other and her account has been closed and she has been banned. We will be going through the process of removing the pictures from all of her posts and deleting topics that she started.

We would especially like to thank the members who uncovered this story and let us know. I don't have permission to share their names.

To everyone, please don't let the lies told by this person ruin your faith in people. We have a great family here and I would hate to think that this one person could make us lose our trust in each other.

RAPED...I feel RAPED. I am going to church because I feel like I belong and it's something new for me and this past Sunday I actually prayed for this baby, Vinnie and I looked into eachothers eyes and I whispered to him each person we prayed for. This is the open prayers for different things (not sure the proper name) pray for those who are ill and then you insert names. I said Jaslene and grampa to Vinnie. This was a big step in my little world of religion and I feel like I wasted it on a fake, if that makes sense. I am happy though that this has opened my eyes and heart even more to the wonderful new family I have become a part of.

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Elijah'sMom said...

Hello! I just wanted to say that I am with you on the ScaredMomma issue at Downsyn. I can't believe this woman. WHAT nerve!! Ugh. Know that I am here, and willing to listen ANYTIME!!