Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rudy's funny and other thoughts

The other day we were driving to my grandmother's house (over the river and through the woods...) when Rudy said "God Dammit". Shocked I tried to figure out what he could've said, surely it was not "God Dammit". I look at Jayson and we both look confused. I asked Rudy "what did you say?" his reply "God Dammit". "Rudy, we don't say that it's not nice". "God damn this cup" Rudy says. I pulled the car over and talked to him and haven't heard it since. Where does this boy get this stuff, surely not from his truck driver mouthed mama.

Why is it 1am and I am still awake? Because the vicodin I took 5 hours ago hasn't dulled the sound of Vinnie snoring. We're sick again, well the boys are. I am pretty sure that I will get sick sometime Thursday just in time for the Ds convention in Boston.

I may be getting tired so maybe I should quit now.

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