Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I think I broke my toe and other random thoughts...

I tripped over Rudy's animal hospital kit and my toes hurts, a lot!

I had Vinnie sitting on my lap facing me while I supported his trunk and he looked at me for awhile but then decided that his feet were more intriguing. He then talked to them for a bit with his lips pursed, it was pretty darn cute. He is doing very well with his gross motor skills. He will: while on his belly push up onto his elbows and sometimes almost straight armed, rolls from belly to back, roll from a side laying postion to belly and get his arms postitioned correctly to lift up his trunk (this is new so not as often), on his back he reaches for things (sometimes), on his back he does a lot of moving and spins himself about 1/2 way around, track objects like a champ, sit while supported for a fair amount of time, bears weight on his legs a little and today he tried to takes steps when the OT (occupational therapist) let him bear weight on his legs. His head is still al little floppy at times but heis doing so well.

Apparently on "So you think you can dance" tonight there was a gentleman with Down syndrome. He didn't make it through but I hear he made a little speech at the end about how it's not always about winning and that he did this so people could see that people with disabilities CAN do things like the rest of us! BRAVO Mr. Whomever you are, BRAVO!

Then I hear in Australia they have a show similar to ER and the most recent episode showed a teen pregnant with her brother's baby and that the baby might have Down syndrome. Yuck, way to go let's make everyone think that DOwn syndrome is caused by incest! One of the posters on the Down syndrome forum I frequent already had their daughter approached about it...shame on you Aussie channel!

I am going to every once in a while post a website or blog that I LOVE and today is Daniel Drinker's I LOVE THIS KID AND HIS LITTLE BROTHER!!!

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