Friday, May 2, 2008

From April 13th, 2008


Current mood: grateful

At church today the woman who has a 40yr old son with Ds came up to me and asked how the baby was doing. It was that tone that we use when we know about the Ds but don't come out and say it. I reply that he is doing very well and she asks if I have got in touch with the resource group and made the first call (basically, other parents make themselves available for support and questions). I broke down and answered yes. I broke down more because of all the people out there that are supporting me, making me feel welcome and calming my fears. She apologized for approaching me and I said to her that I am glad she came over, that I was just emotional. She said "I know, it was 40 years ago" and points to her son. Her son meanwhile is looking at me, wondering why I am crying. He asked why and his mom and I both just said it's ok I am ok. He asks where my husband was (home sick with Rudy) and then asks if I needed a hug. I said "yes, I would really love a hug right now". Why are hugs so frowned upon? People need hugs! I don't want to have to teach my son that sometimes hugs are not appropriate. Hugs are great!

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