Thursday, October 2, 2008

Early Intervention Evaluation

Vinnie had his evaluation Wednesday. He is doing very well and if not for his "diagnosis" he almost wouldn't qualify for services.

Gross Motor was at 6 months
Speech (or whatever they called it) 8 months
Social stuff (I know I am so technical!) 9 months
And of course the Eating (they call it something else) 4 months my little non-solid food monster!

I don't have the report yet because the woman doing Fine Motor will be here Friday, we originally had the appointment last week with everyone here but we all know last week was a little rough around here.

I am so pleased with Vinnie. The eating we are working on but he is definately not under nourished. And he is doing so much better this past week, he grabs my hand and shoves the spoon into his mouth!! Yippee!

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datri said...

Great news! It's nice to get a good eval.